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  • Message Could Not Be Opened From Outbox Folder, Account:
  • MailAccount',Server:'', Protocol:SMTP,Port:25,Secure(SSL):No, Error Number:0x800420cb
The most typical cause for this error is that the Outbox.dbx file has been corrupted. Try the following steps to fix the problem:
  • Click the Tools menu
  • Select Accounts
  • Click on the Mail tab in the Internet Accounts window
  • Check for duplicate mail accounts
  • Remove all duplicate accounts by selecting them and clicking the Remove button, until there is only a single one left
If the problem is still present, renaming the Outbox.dbx file is the next step. This will permanently remove any messages in the Outbox folder in Outlook.
  • Close Outlook Express
  • Click on the Start button and choose Search or Find.
  • Search for Outbox.dbx
  • Right click on the file and choose Delete and confirm by clicking Yes
  • Re-open Outlook Express and try again


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