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Turn your Gigaset SE567 modem into a wireless switch / bridge mode

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Follow these directions to turn your Gigaset (Siemens SE567) modem/wifi router combo into a wireless switch (bridge mode) that will work with any ISP/Ethernet uplink:

1. First of all, reset your SE567 to its factory settings. Hold the button on the bottom in until the power light starts alternating green and red.
2. After the SE567 reboots, connect to port 1 with your computer.
3. Go to » and log in (on the top right) using ID: admin, PW: telus
4. Go through the Setup Wizard (or manually, your choice) and configure your security and any other settings the way you want them. When you are done you will be asked to reboot.
5. Go to the above URL and log in once again.
6. Go to the following URL to turn on bridge mode: » This URL is not anywhere in the settings, you will have to go there manually. You will be asked to reboot the SE567 once again.
7. After rebooting, unplug your computer from port 1 and plug your WAN connection into port 4. You should now be able to access the SE567 with your laptop and the security settings you applied to it.

Note, when in bridge mode, the SE567 will not function as the router it once did. It functions as a wireless switch and is not capable of assigning IP addresses and will only pass an IP to your computer from the WAN device it is connected to. The LAN ports on the back will not function, and you are unable to access the SE567's settings unless you reset it again. If you require multiple wireless connections, you can either have your ISP assign multiple IP addresses or you can plug the SE567 into an old wired router, which will also assign more than one IP address over the switch.


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