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This site was created to fill the void left by many other support sites offered from various ISPs. We offer free technical support resources for anyone to use to help fix technical issues and add new information frequently to ensure that users have up to date information.


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death_sentry20: nice
death_sentry20: @hawk... win8 really is challenging... hehe
Hawk: Challenging? That's a polite word for it... ;)
death_sentry20: hate the metro...
death_sentry20: ...i'm thinking about android sims. can we do that too? or is it so far out...
Hawk: I've thought about it but I'm not sure how much demand there is.
death_sentry20: settings more likely... we've been getting lately.. wifi setup 9 out of 10.. although, there's like 10 apps for every one task..
death_sentry20: defeats the purpose for a clickthrough...
death_sentry20: ...
tonygold9601: am back
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